We are the materialization of a dream, the consolidation of a team of friends and professionals with the ability to provide a close and comprehensive service to our customers

We are more than a work team.
We are QUIP!

We understand that unity is strength, we are characterized by having an authentic seal, focused on the needs of our customers. We provide strategic legal solutions to people, enterprises and companies, nationally and internationally.

Don't stop creating. QUIP takes care of legal matters.

At QUIP we provide our services in the constant pursuit of the following purposes:

  • Enjoyment or passion, loving what we are and what we do.
  • Improvement or growth, seeking to be a better version of ourselves personally and professionally, having the hope that every day will be better.
  • Commitment, working with perseverance, perseverance, and determination in the pursuit of our goals.
  • Servicio y solidaridad, convencidos de nuestra responsabilidad social y de nuestro aporte a la sostenibilidad ambiental.


We are a law firm dedicated to professional and personalized legal assistance, available to all individuals, enterprises, and commercial and social enterprises at national and international level, ensuring the integrity and commitment in the care of our clients.


To be a legal services firm with an authentic seal in the provision of its services in a professional, close, and reliable manner, which will be recognized nationally and internationally for changing the traditional perception of the lawyer and distinguished by its contributions in innovation, inclusion, and promotion of economic, social and environmental development.


Commitment: somos responsables y determinados a ser cada vez mejores personas y profesionales. Nos capacitamos y actualizamos de manera constante.

Trust: we are transparent and upright. We seek that the relationships between us and with our clients are lasting, respectful, and close.

Collaboration: we are a team that seeks the best solutions to the legal needs of our clients. We work as a team and with a sense of belonging.

Conscientiousness: we are supportive and inclusive in the provision of our services and proactive in the search for a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Creativity: we are innovative and resourceful. We seek to be practical and at the forefront of new technological developments.

We are committed, reliable, collaborative,
conscientious and creative lawyers.

Business Units

We have allies that contribute to the integrality of our services..


We have affiliations that certify and support our work.